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Dentistry Family & Cosmetic, Markham Road, Vinegar Hill, Markham, York Region, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, L3S 4S1, Canada
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Tangerine is a halal Chinese restaurant with branches located in Markham, Richmond and Whitby. The restaurant has a large following of loyal and happy customers thanks to their stellar customer service. Furthermore, the staff is very cooperative, friendly and creative. Moreover, you will enjoy the friendly ambience here because of their lovely decor. The prices here are quite economical despite the large portion sizes, and payment can also be made via credit cards.

The restaurant provides takeaway services and delivery which is great for folks who don’t have time to eat out. Additionally, you can also book your seat in advance so that you do not have to wait to be served. Moreover, there is also a TV at the restaurant so that you can unwind and have some fun.

Specialty foods

The entire food range at Tangerine is Halal, so Muslims should not have a problem eating here. The spicy Cumin beef at the restaurant is a delicious specialty dish and a chef’s recommendation. The dish is made of palatable ingredients along with perfectly cooked beef and the cumin (also known as jeera). The mango chicken is another delectable dish available at Tangerine. The sweetness and sourness of the mango along with the spicy chicken will tingle your taste buds. The crispy ginger paneer is something that vegetarians can enjoy too. The taste of the dish is unforgettable as it contains delicious spices and a crispy texture that will surely leave you asking for more. Other specialties at Tangerine include the Bombay chicken, mango paneer, chilli chicken on fried rice and Bombay house fried chicken.


Tangerine is a place where you can get pure Chinese food at very affordable prices and the taste is simply amazing. You must give it a try if you are a Chinese food fan.