Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine

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228, Greenwood Avenue, East End, East York, Toronto—Danforth, Old Toronto, Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, M4J 5B2, Canada
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This little gem, Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine is located at 226 Greenwood Ave Toronto and it’s as good as it gets. But bear in mind, this place only offers seating for 24 people only, not to mention it’s always packed. They don’t take reservations but that’s understandable for a smaller establishment like this one.  Once seated, the waiter is incredibly helpful, offers suggestions and is quite accommodating. As the name suggests, the place serves halal Egyptian food. The setting is unique, the layout was charming and the decor was simple yet refreshing.

Specialties at Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine

Delicious authentic flavors were the highlight of my visit to Maha’s fine Egyptian cuisine. Although you might have to wait a while to get seated, the food there is definitely it. As for the specialties, you should definitely try the Egyptian Falafel. It has a soft center with a couple of soft boiled eggs so it remained gooey on the inside, but from the outside, it was crisp and very fresh. The flavors and textures came together in a beautiful combination. The cumin fries taste quite foreign but they are definitely not bad.

Moving to the main course, give Maha’s Mind Blowing Chicken a try. You should be able to distinctly taste the onions, parsley, and tomatoes in the chicken marinade which is served on toasted buns with homemade mayo sauce and another red sauce. Literally everything on the plate is expected to be delicious and cooked to perfection. Needless to say, it tastes better than it looks.


This is a family run restaurant, it’s tiny, cosy and yes you are going to have to wait. Check the website for the busy times and plan accordingly. Maha’s fine Egyptian cuisine is definitely worth several more trips. The staff was very courteous and very helpful with our selections. The food here is great and the ambiance cool. But just try to get in.