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1200, Kennedy Road, Dorset Park, Scarborough, Scarborough Centre, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 2L1, Canada
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Kim Kim is a halal Chinese restaurant based in Toronto. It offers a wide range of dishes and all of them are Halal, so Muslims should not have a problem eating here. The restaurant offers a fabulous ambiance with comfortable seating along with a modern setting. Adding to this, the prices are extremely reasonable especially if you take the large portion sizes into account. You can also get takeaway here.

Kim Kim’s Menu

Talking about the menu, Kim Kim has a very wide range of menu items ranging from appetizers to soups to noodles to lunch specials and much more. Let us start with the lunch specials here. The Calcutta chicken on rice is a specialty here with a great Middle Eastern taste. The spices used in the dish makes it very palatable. Satay chicken on rice, chicken with snow peas on rice, garlic chicken on rice and General Tao’s chicken on rice are other chicken lunch specials available at the restaurant.

Szechuan beef on rice offers a distinct taste. It is an authentic Chinese dish which is available at its truest form at very few eateries in Canada and Kim Kim is one of those places. Masala beef on rice, Manchurian beef on rice, Satay beef on rice and Calcutta beef on rice are other beef lunch specials available here. Moving on to the fish specials, the variety is the same as in chicken and beef; the only difference is of meat. Same is the case with shrimp and Tofu.

Kim Kim is incredibly famous for its noodles and you’ll have tons of options to choose from. Sweet noodle is a very unique noodle dish available here as it can be enjoyed as main course and as a dessert too. Other noodle dishes available here include Hakka rice noodles, American chop suey, and Cantonese chow mien.


The best place to have a wide variety of noodles. They also offer catering and takeaway services that facilitate its customers!