Hakka Legend

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6158, 14th Avenue, Vinegar Hill, Markham, York Region, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, L3S 3S9, Canada
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Hakka Legend serves an amazing fusion of Asian fine foods all the while preserving the Hakka culture. The owners invite all the customers to come and experience the Hakka culture exhibited in the restaurant. The artwork exhibited on the walls of the restaurant provide just the right vibes. The stories of its people and the flavor-full food, there is so much to this restaurant that you will keep coming back for more.

The restaurant, located on Markham Road, Ontario has a huge front which usually doesn’t go unnoticed. Along with it, the inside of the restaurant is beautifully set and decorated and has a nice comfortable touch to it.

Hakka Legend Food

The steamed fish filled with Manchurian sauce is to die for. And the General Tao is the most delicious and a must-have item on the menu. Moreover, this place is totally reasonably priced. A take-out lunch here normally costs $7.25. This place serves delicious Thai tea as a starter. Choose the food of your choice and be ready to enjoy the deliciousness of Chinese food.

The owner and the executive chef Edwin Chang hails from India. So you will find a hint of India in his food too. The chicken pakora, which is an Indian dish, is one of the most popular snacks here. It also works great as an appetizer for the customers. And of course, Chinese food is incomplete with a mouth-watering plate of noodles and a cup of delicious warm soup.

Hakka Legend is your answer to a well prepared and delicious plate of Chinese food. The websites clearly state the Halal status of the restaurant so you need not worry here. Just plan your lunch and/or dinner here and let the food enlighten your taste buds with the best of the best Hakka Chinese food in Ontario, Toronto.