Chick Fiesta

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1 905-239-4040
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2190, Brock Road, Deckers Hill, Pickering, Durham Region, Ontario, L1X 2N1, Canada
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Chicken Fiesta is a nice little restaurant located at Pickering. It offers a fusion of traditional North African spices and cooking techniques that is amalgamated with Portuguese style chicken, some brilliant steaks and ribs. Aside from the food, the staff here is cooperative. Here at Chicken Fiesta, you can order up a blend of food that best matches your tastes. Peri Peri Peppers are used to add an extra kick to their dishes. The service is good and hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long for your food. Additionally, the portion sizes are huge which is great since you get what you pay for.

Specialties at Chicken Fiesta

For starters, Chicken Nachos is certainly a favorite here. It offers a beautiful blend of crisp nachos with cubed chicken and some spicy sauces. Coming to the main dishes, he flame-grilled chicken is pretty great. If you haven’t had their Peri Peri sauces from lemon to hot, you must definitely give it a try! If you opt for hot sauce, be prepared for your mouth to burn but it will be well worth it. The chicken is incredibly tender and the marinade is incredibly rich and flavorful. The rice is seasoned with what seems to be an African mixture of spices. It also comes with Corn on the Cob. It’s buttery and very refreshing with a lemon squeezed on top. You might also want to try a steak sandwich because it’s definitely one of their specialties.


We’re certain that you’d want to come back to the Chicken Fiesta to try as many items on their menu as possible. Service is friendly and the restaurant is clean. The food is as described earlier, phenomenal. They have different options for the level of “spiciness”.They also do delivery on orders over 25 within 5km. You can order pickup.