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16, Cashel Street, Brampton, Peel Region, Ontario, L6V 4K2, Canada
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Biryani King is a good take out place situated near the passport office by Gillingham Drive. The place isn’t fussy at all, there is one cashier behind the counter and the menu is printed on the wall. This is highly convenient for anybody who wants to get some quick dinner. The authentic blend of spices, as well as that beautiful aroma is what makes Biryani King the best Biryani place in Brampton. It is a good place for anyone to be, not just because of the taste but because of the Halal food.

Specialties at Biryani King

We tried Biryani King’s famous samosa on quite a few recommendations. Got the order within 5 minutes and it was nice and hot. The samosas are priced slightly high, $2.50 for 3 but they were great. You will be able to distinctly taste the morsels of meat, it also has a nice kick of spice probably because of the chili flakes. Their Regular Chicken Biryani is also worth trying. The Biryani tasted better compared to most places, even the raita was good. Everything about the Biryani is great, the biryani masala, the tamarind and the well-cooked chicken. You can distinctly catch a whiff of the food in the air while you’re waiting for your order. Biryani King is also known for its Shami Kebab, though it is on the spicier end.


We’ve ordered Biryani’s at many places but they never quite offered the same taste and aroma as Biryani King offers its customers, with a 10/10 satisfaction rate. We would suggest they arrange more seating they want more customers to dine in but tastewise, they are good to go.